Guidance from GOHSEP/LHD/DOA on Procurement Opportunities for Supplies and Services related to the COVID-19 Event.

There have been some questions asking for more information on procurement opportunities for supplies and services related to the COVID-19 event.

The link below provides the bids (open/closed) on the State Procurement website. The list is filtered and sorted to make it as easy as possible and includes both the open bids and the bids that have already closed. The list is dynamic and is updated regularly as bids open and other bids close.

Vendor Guidance from Office of State Procurement:

Thank you for reaching out to the State of Louisiana. In order to best meet the many needs of Louisiana's citizens at this challenging time, please access the following link to the LaGov vendor system: to register as a vendor with the State of Louisiana. During the registration process, you will be able to select all of the commodities that your company is able to provide.

The State of Louisiana will be issuing Request for Quotes (RFQs) through the Louisiana Procurement and Contract Network (LaPAC), our on-line electronic bid posting and notification system, for the supplies/services currently needed. LaPAC will automatically send an e-mail notification to all of the vendors registered for that specific commodity. You will then be able to submit your pricing and availability electronically.

Please see the Governor's Proclamations for this event on the Office of State Procurement's home page.

The state is continually issuing bids and LAPAC is the best way to stay aware of the latest.

For PPE requests (Please note these guidelines are for NON-government entities):

In an effort to streamline that process, we have developed the following protocols for you to seek the PPE and testing kits that you need:

  1. To the extent possible, please continue to use the vendor/supply chain you would normally to request such supplies.
  2. We are keeping a list of unique vendors (as they become made known to us) on our website, and you may be able to receive supplies more quickly by purchasing from them directly.
    List here:
    If you wish to be added to this vendor list, please email with detailed information about your resources.
  3. You can call the State Supply Hotline at 225-325-5900 to be put on our list as supplies become available. This line is open 8:00 am - 5:00 pm CST; 7 days a week.

Please note these guidelines are for NON-government entities. Additionally, this is not a guarantee that you will receive PPE - we are prioritizing supplies that go out based on need, so you may receive some of your request, rather than the entire ask at once. We understand there are shortages of supplies everywhere across the state and the United States, so please be patient as we look to distribute our limited resources the best way we can.

Chris J. DeGuelle
LABEOC Director